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Israeli police have assaulted and arrested an Al Jazeera journalist


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In a clear violation of press freedom, Israeli security and occupation forces assaulted and arrested an Al Jazeera journalist earlier today. A representative of the International Press Institute said that the arrest was "absolutely appalling" and that this was not an isolated case as we have seen journalists being harassed and targeted by Israeli security forces many times before. It was just weeks ago that Israel bombed and destroyed a building in the Gaza Strip that housed media offices of Al Jazeera and other international media outlets.


Givara Budeiri was assaulted and detained while covering demonstrations in the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood.

Check out these videos:

Israeli police has issued a statement which says that a man and a woman had been arrested because they were "suspected of harassing security forces". Earlier, the Israeli police had claim that they had been arrested for assaulting a female police officer. But videos from the event clearly shows that did not happen.

#Israel #Palestine #PressFreedom

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Israel has now released Givara Budeiri, the journalist who was arrested by Israeli occupation forces yesterday while she was covering a demonstration in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem.


Givara Budeiri was assaulted during her arrest while covering a demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah, occupied East Jerusalem.

“They came from everywhere, I don’t know why, they kicked me to the wall,” Budeiri told Al Jazeera, moments after her release late on Saturday.

“They kicked me inside the car in a very bad way … they were kicking me from everywhere,” she said.

And meanwhile, Israel has arrested Palestinian activists Muna and Mohammed al-Kurd who were organizing a social media campaign against the forced expulsions in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

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