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Air pollution is killing 1 million people and costing Chinese economy ...


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Were you trying to link to this article, @ghg3?


Two pollutants were found to cause an average 1.1 million premature deaths in the country each year and are destroying 20 million tonnes of rice, wheat, maize and soybean

Those numbers are obviously significant and just goes to show how costly - both in terms of economy and human life - it is to disregard environmental pollution.

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On 1/16/2019 at 12:32 AM, Sanjo said:

How much of this is public and common knowledge in China? 

I am no expert on China so I would love for someone else to chime in on this, but I would say that there is a high awareness about pollution in China, both in terms of its dangers and sources. In fact, we have seen more and more reports of massive environmental protests taking place in China against pollution and polluters lately. For example, see these two articles:

In an academic article by Fengshi Wu, published in 2013, the author notes that for the past 20 years there has been rising public environmental awareness in China with more and more Chinese citizens taking action against industrial pollution. And even better, according to the author, environmental activism and various NGOs have actually taken root in provincial and local politics across China and they are no longer only limited to major cities.


Not only are protests held by pollution victims across the country, but concerned citizens have also started to attend public consultation sessions related to major construction projects, and established non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to voice their disagreements with governmental decisions.

In fact, as this article and others have noted, the field of environment and climate is probably the strongest and most visible public movement in China today.


The environmental field arguably involves the most visible activist community, largest number of grassroots NGOs, and has the longest history of public policy advocacy across issue areas in the country.

I would certainly go as far as saying that more Chinese people are aware of the dangers and causes of climate change than the average American.

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