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Found 21 results

  1. Do you use a music streaming service? And if so which one do you use? And more importantly, would you recommend it?
  2. Jerlene

    Soundtrack to your life

    In movies they use backtracks to create a feel to a scene. If your life was a movie what kind of music would be playing in the background?
  3. Can you guess the names of these famous rock bands based on these minimalistic icons?
  4. Jerlene

    Rap. Old or New?

    Rap and hip hop was so much more meaningful and understandable in the early 2000s and 90s compare to today. Rappers nowadays all either talk about the same things or mumble through the whole song. What do you prefer? Old school or todays hip hop/rap?
  5. JoyFreak

    Eminem Vs MGK

    For those following it.. who do you thinks winning the dissing? TLDR version; MGK Tweeted about Ems 16 yr/old Daughter being hot as **** (22 now.. she is hot) MGK made comments about Em not being a Rap God Em comes out with "Not Alike" 6 years after the tweet about his kid MGK comes out with Rap Devil Em responds with Kill Shot
  6. I'm currently listening to Girls on Boys by Galantis & ROZES. What are you listening to right now?
  7. Jerlene

    Finding new music

    I'm one of those people that will get lost on YouTube in the suggested songs section trying to find that one song to add to my library. Theres alot of music there that you'd never hear on Spotify or Pandora. How do u find your rare tunes?
  8. Benno

    Bleeding heart heavy metal

    Check this Swedish anti-capitalist heavy rock: PS: I blog about very angry metal on https://optursheavy.wordpress.com/
  9. Jerlene

    The Four

    This is the newest singing competition show. The judges are Diddy, DJ Khaled and Meghan Trainor. I love it. They're currently in the middle of season 2 and it's probably my favourite singing competition show. Only the best of the best compete for seats and there's only one single winner at the end. If you like singing shows I highly recommend this one. If you've already seen this one, let me know what you think about this.
  10. Jerlene

    What genre puts you to sleep?

    When I'm having a hard time sleeping I love to put on some soft new country music. What's your go to music to sleep to?
  11. coolprogramer36

    Song that fits you

    What is the song that fits who you are? For me It's " Thunder by Imagine Dragons" because back in my high school days, I was a victim of bullying and this song fits who I am. So how about yours?
  12. I’ll choose Farewell by Raymond Lauchengco. Well all goodbye songs are really sad. However this is the only song that always break my heart. This song would surely remind me and my beloved ones all the good times we have spent. The unforgettable moments we had. This would be a good reminder that leaving this world would not be the end, only God knows but surely we will get to see each other in future.
  13. kaisantos

    Story of love

    Since we are celebrating valentines day today, share your most memorable and favorite love story movie of all time. My favorite love story movie of all time is the 1990 movie titled "Ghost". I know it's kinda old but if you are the person who believes forever do exist then you should watch this movie.
  14. kaisantos

    Valentines Day Music

    Since it's valentines day and you wanted to dedicate a song to someone you like, what song would it be and why? Here's a song that I would like to dedicate to someone I like who probably don't know me. Here's a song for you from your secret admirer.
  15. httplyka

    Who is your favorite singer and why?

    Feel free to drop their tracks below.
  16. Martinsx

    Purpose of listening to music

    Music serve various purposes to people in different ways. Some listen to music when they are down, sad and pissed and it helps them get through such tough times in one piece. While others loves music because it's just music, and are seriously addicted to listening to it anytime of the day. My favorite use of music is in making use of it as a sleep inducer. It helps me sleep just like a little baby. My favorite songs to enable me sleep easily are blues and instrumentals. Lionel Richie and Yarni happens to be the two artists I enjoy making use of their songs to sleep. What purposes to do listen to music for and the musicians you enjoy making use of their songs for a specific purpose?
  17. Have you listened to Something just like this? It's a really good song, isn't it!?
  18. The song entitled The Windmills Of Your Mind is somehow related to my life because its lyrics express an almost never ending cycles and a never ending finding of answers of the questions we have in mind. Life is like that. We wake up every day looking for answers and questioning ourselves if what is really our purpose in life. Sometimes it seems like we are just repeating something over and over again to the point that we become used to it, without really knowing what and why we are doing these things. We will just realize something about it, its worth, if it is already over. It is like going to school, we wake up each day spending our time listening to our professors, complying with the requirements and sometimes we are questioning ourselves if why we are doing all these things, Why we struggle to finish our studies if we can just stay in our house and sleep. But despite of all of these questions, we still pursue our studies and go on with it. Then after it is over, we will arrive at the point of realization where we will understand the answers to our questions, that is the time that we will realize our purpose when we overcome the struggles we never thought we will.
  19. Mine is I gotta feeling by Black Eyed Peas. No explanation needed right? The lyrics itself sounds very positive and uplifting. It sets everyone in party mood. Feels like everyone around is in a party socializing and making friends with everyone. Its as if all the bitterness and hatred in the world is set aside and has been forgotten for a moment.
  20. Simon

    Your favorite playlists

    Share your favorite new playlists that you've made yourself or just discovered. Personally, I really like this Heard it before-playlist: It's a great playlist to re-discover those "great" but forgotten songs from the past.
  21. Simon


    CHVRCHES. They are just great. Their name might seem weird but it's actually pronounced as churches, they are just spelling their name with a "v" instead of a "u" to differentiate themselves in internet searches (true story!). I really love their album Every open eye from 2016 and The mother we share from their 2013 album, The bones of what you believe, is probably one of the best songs ever. Check out this Live-version of Leave a trace from Shazam Sessions: Just perfect!
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