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Found 4 results

  1. "He [Donald Trump] was just doing a limited strike," says the 'Face the nation' host. “Oh, just a limited strike," Bernie Sanders responded. "Oh, I’m sorry, I just didn't know that it's okay to simply attack another country with bombs. That’s a limited strike? That’s an act of warfare.” He was just doing a limited strike says the Face the nation host - - Ohjust a limited stri.mp4 Go get em' Bernie!
  2. Well, would you look at that, a story about Bernie Sanders, the most popular politician in the US right now, possibly announcing he's running for president in the 2020 election just dropped last night. A Politico story from earlier this January shows that the Bernie campaign is already staffing up and preparing for an even bigger digital election campaign than last time around when his campaign absolutely crushed everyone else on social media. I'm sure the Trump campaign are shitting their pants right now because as you might remember, and as Salon rightly points out, Bernie Sanders would have easily beaten Trump in an election. Are you feeling the Bern (again)?
  3. Check out this Jacobin interview with Bernie Sanders where he, among other things, discusses the lessons he learned from Jeremy Corbyn. Read the full interview: Bernie Sanders: Bold Politics Is Good Politics
  4. This is why young people love old socialists like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn (spoiler: their success with young people is - luckily - based on their platforms and not on their charisma). Read the full article here: Why Are So Many Young Voters Falling for Old Socialists?
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