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  1. My tips for you as an experienced lady in this field. I have dated very rich men, 11-12 years younger than me and very handsome, from all cultural/religious backgrounds. So a step by step guide for you if you are looking for a boyfriend like this : 1. Don't fawn over his good looks. Why? Because he might have a hundred or more women or girls doing the same to him. So boring for him personally. 2. Feign disinterest. As an aro-ace, sex-repulsed, touch negative, and sex phobic, I don't have to pretend to be disinterested, I actually am TBH. He likes a chase, let him chase after you. 3. Don't act like a gold-digger. Pay for your own share from time to time. How do men or guys want to pay for me? I say I'll pay for them or my share at least on a date. 4. Have natural beauty on your side. Don't look into botox, plastic surgery or the like. I myself only put a few accessories, jewelry and love keeping my body fit.
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  2. I have been online and irl/offline. It's a real nightmare and hell to deathl with. I've thought of the man in my group therapy as a friend, but he has understood otherwise. He has mistaken me as his girlfriend. He's what? 70-80 years old, has great-grandkids and 2 ex-wives. He wouldn't stop calling and when I haven't called back, he's left a very angry message in my cellphone. I've reported him to the police and have had a restraining order on him. And he's kissed and touched me without my consent too. Just last night, I've been stalked and sexually harassed online by 2 people, 1 by a demoted admin from another forum who has fallen head over heals in love with me and one on Instagram (he is my neighbours husband, must be around 40-50 and has kids with his wife), he wouldn't stop making new accounts and adding me. he 1st person has resorted to spamming my forum and telling my online how bad a person I am and to stay away from me. I have since reported them both one to the internet police in his area, and the other to Instagram for sexual harassment and stalking. How about you? Ever been stalked by secret admirers personally and etc?
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