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  1. Last week
  2. Simon

    Reverse aging breakthrough

    I don't think we have made any scientific discoveries just yet that allow us to reverse aging. So, I claim bullshit on any product that claims to reverse the natural aging process.
  3. Earlier
  4. IsabellaArchie

    What makes you happy?

    I become happy when I get my favorite Vegan Vitamins for exercise.
  5. Hello all, What you think of reverse aging and what you do for it. Thanks
  6. IsabellaArchie

    Morning Run vs Evening Run

    Despite putting in the same amount of work as in the morning, many runners discover that they can go faster or longer in the evening. Because you've probably eaten a couple of meals by the time evening arrives, you'll have more energy available to fuel your run.
  7. Simon

    Huawei MateBook E and MateStation X

    Huawei just "unveiled" the Huawei MateBook E and the MateStation X at their MWC 2022 keynote. At the event, Huawei also unveiled other new devices, such as MatePad Paper and a new android tablet. Check out this 10-min video summary of the Huawei keynote event: At the event, Huawei also introduced their new "Smart Office" initiative that'll see the company focus more on computers and connected devices. This new initiative is most likely a way for Huawei to stay relevant in Western consumer markets after their mobile business was shattered by US sanctions. I got to say that I'm really excited to see what other amazing products and features this new Huawei business focus will bring to us consumers.
  8. Simon

    Huawei MateBook E and MateStation X

    And here is another video on the new MateStation X in Spanish:
  9. Simon

    Jason here!

    Welcome to the community @Jason ! Yeah, I also like web design/development and also some hiking.
  10. Simon

    Do you use an VPN?

    For privacy and security reasons, @Sanjo.
  11. Sanjo

    Do you use an VPN?

    No, why should I?
  12. Sanjo

    Summer or Winter?

    Summer and sun. Always.
  13. Sanjo

    Huawei MateBook E and MateStation X

    if only it had english subtitles
  14. Sanjo

    Jason here!

    Hi Jason! 🤙
  15. Jason

    Jason here!

    I'm from Northeast Tennessee USA. I like drumming, guitar and playing several other instruments. I like web development, mountain hiking and digital art. I hope to have a lot of fun here. Is anyone else into my hobbies?
  16. Jason

    Morning Run vs Evening Run

    I used to run all the time either jogging or on a treadmill. It was always in the evening or night. Sometimes even the outdoor jogging was at night.
  17. Jason

    Training Alone or With A Partner

    I don't really need a partner. I feel like if I can't push myself to go a little above the normal, then that's not a good thing. Basically, people are creatures of habit. You can train yourself to push yourself harder in at least some of your exercising. Anyhow, it could be a hassle to get a partner - as they might be difficult to find and/or not be reliable.
  18. Jason

    Book or movie first?

    I should read the book first, but normally I just don't. I suppose it's cause I'm lazy in that aspect. Anyhow, the book, they say, is better than the movie. Well, I suppose that wouldn't be the case always; I don't know.
  19. Jason

    Do you buy organic food?

    I don't but I should. The problem is I simply don't make enough money and with what I make I don't want to buy more expensive stuff. Nonetheless, with some good money management I should be able to buy organic food. Anyway, I have tried to stop eating nitrate-rich hot dogs, opting for the nitrate free. That stuff causes cancer.
  20. Jason

    Do you believe in a God?

    People in desperate and terrible situations are more likely to want to believe in God. For instance, if you are in prison or lost a child then what is there to keep hope alive? Myself, I believe in God, but my faith goes down as worldly pleasures tempt me and I feel less rewards for my effort. Nonetheless, my rewards are more than what I feel like. Yes, I can highly understand the atheist disbelief in God simply cause of the cruelty present in the world.
  21. Jason

    Physical or digital?

    I get kind of sick of computers and cellphones. I mean, I'm into web development and all that. In fact, I'm on computers and cell phones all day. Well, in that case, it's cool to just read a real book and probably better for the eyes.
  22. Jason

    What is your favorite gaming platform?

    I like Wii simply because it has the Mario and Donkey Kong games I like so much. However, that's not dissing other systems. They are probably just as good, but they just don't have those games.
  23. Jason

    Childhood games

    I don't think I would enjoy many childhood games as they are probably too simple for me now. For instance, I know the original Mario Bros can be beaten by me very quickly, maybe in an hour or two. However, though, Mario 3 is a bit more complex. I can still enjoy that one I think and would like to get it for a Wii or Switch system.
  24. Jason

    The oldest video game in world history?

    Without reading this post, I would guess Pong. Pong is basically table tennis. Anyhow, I don't remember ever playing it, even though Atari was big during my childhood in the 80s.
  25. Jason

    Do you think gaming is addictive?

    I go into phases where I'm trying to beat a game and then it is addicting. However, I don't get into those phases very often. On top of that, all this stuff is from years back. Anyhow, I remember when I was a kid and I got into Pitfall Harry (from Atari) so much and spent a very long time trying to beat this one level - and finally I beat it and that was strange.
  26. Jason

    What are your most favourite games?

    I like Mario and Donkey Kong games the best. I also enjoyed Banjo-Kazooie equally well. Basically, I like those childhood adventure games. Anyway, I might like Mario Kart equally well. Now, secondly, I like those Madden American Football games.
  27. Jason

    Summer or Winter?

    They both have their upsides. In the summer, I like the heat and green trees etc. In the winter, I like the cold, in a weird way. I like the snow, especially a harsh one that covers the trees in the mountains very well.
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