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  1. Today
  2. Sanjo

    Wedding destinations in Europe

    Anything in France is romantic really
  3. Yesterday
  4. Sanjo


    It's Wednesday my dudes!

  5. Just as the title says. Do you believe in a God?
  6. Sanjo

    What music streaming service do you use?

    I use Spotify like everyone else.
  7. Last week
  8. Simon

    Which Joker is your favourite?

    Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker the best, I think. He had just the right amount of realism and crazy.
  9. Simon


    Haha that's good to know! 😅
  10. Sanjo


    It's daytime trash TV from the UK. If you haven't seen it you haven't missed anything.
  11. Sanjo

    Which Joker is your favourite?

    The 1992 Joker in the animated series is the one I grew up with and so he is the only real Joker for me 😁
  12. Sanjo

    Smokey here!

    Hello Smokey!!
  13. Simon

    Smokey here!

    Hello and welcome to the community! 👋 Thank you for joining, hopefully you like what you see. If not, we'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve this community. 😊
  14. Smokey

    Smokey here!

    Hey all, Smokey here! I'm new to the forums! I found the link off forum promotion and thought I'd check it out. 🙂
  15. Simon

    What games are you currently playing?

    I'm giving State of Decay 2 another go. This time I'm playing the new map Trumbull Valley and I really like it. And yep, the game decided to spawn three juggernauts right next to my base. That's just great. Time to move the base to a new location I guess. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  16. Sanjo

    Training Alone or With A Partner

    I do my workouts alone because I don't want to be disturbed.
  17. Sanjo

    Is the world only becoming better and better?

    Interesting take on Hans Rosling. It's always good with optimism but yeah you can't deny that the world is going to the shitter real fast.
  18. msgboard team

    msgboard team

    Welcome to our new community!

    Thank you for being a member of our community. :) 

    1. Sanjo


      I went to redly and got sent here instead. Got a bit surprised. Thought the move wouldn't happen now. But the new site looks good and I've already found new topics which I hadn't seen before.

    2. Simon


      Nice to see you here @Sanjo :) And yeah, the whole community was moved about one week earlier than planned. Everything felt stable enough and most work was done so why wait another week? ;) Sure, there are still some things to fix and polish but that'll be sorted out in no time. But if you do find anything that isn't working as intended, please do let us know. :) 

  19. Hello and welcome - both to our old and new users! Our old community, Redly, is no more. But all your content and contributions are still here. It's just that we have gotten a new community name and look. We have also moved away from our former focus on user groups (don't worry, if you want, you can still create your own little group or club) and want to put our effort more on the traditional aspects of an online forum. As you can probably imagine, our new name Msgboard stands for Message Board. Online message boards were once one of the most identifiable and popular features of the Internet, but their former dominance have been taken over by social media and popular mobile apps. But that's not to say that online message boards or forums are no longer relevant. Online communities such as this one still exists, and they are still thriving. Social media sites are great. We love them and we use them ourselves all the time. But they have become so huge that it is hard to get noticed among the countless of other users and noise on these platforms. They offer a large potential audience but still manage to make it hard for people to meet other like-minded people, and to have meaningful discussions that doesn't disappear and is forgotten the next day. The huge social media giants - like Facebook and Twitter - knows about this. That is why they've lately been rushing to introduce features that resembles the unique characteristics of smaller communities and message boards. And let's not forget about the privacy issues these popular social media sites and apps have. And it is in this area where online message boards and forums excel at being better communities than the huge social media platforms. Message boards and forums offer a better experience for meaningful discussions, and they offer their users more privacy and anonymity. Msgboard.net is designed to be a friendly online community for everyone. Here you can participate in discussions in our forums, meet new people and friends, share and upload images to our photo gallery, and easily create your own blog. Hopefully msgboard.net can be your next favorite online community. See you all in the forums!
  20. Earlier
  21. msgboard team

    New categories for the photo gallery?

    We have decided to add a few more categories in our photo gallery as we are reorganizing this community and moving away from clubs. We'll probably add more photo categories later on depending on what kind of photos and images our users upload.
  22. Simon


    The feeling when you start a 20 year war and people are arguing whether to blame Biden or Trump.

  23. Simon

    DeepStink - The Ascent

    Do you see that SPIDER ROBOT?!
  24. Simon

    Character view - The Ascent

    This was my character stats right before I did the last two missions.
  25. Simon

    The Ascent

    The Ascent is a solo and co-op Action-shooter RPG set in a cyberpunk world. The mega corporation that owns you and everyone, The Ascent Group, has just collapsed.
  26. Simon


    Brexit right now! 😂


  27. Simon



    Billionaires are having a massive personal space race while millions of people are facing eviction and homelessness. Isn't the world great?

  28. Simon


    Check out the new trailer for season two of the Witcher:

    The new season will be available on Netflix this holiday.

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