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  1. Yesterday
  2. Oh my gosh do they actually cost 230 dollars?! Not worth it then IMHO.
  3. Sanjo

    Which search engine do you use?

    Google has always been the best and its everywhere and everyone uses it. So why try something else.
  4. Last week
  5. Simon

    • Simon
    • Butrimas

    Hello! Thank you for the Like! 😊

  6. Simon

    New Movie Trailers

    THE BATMAN While I was browsing YouTube, I stumbled upon a trailer for a new Batman movie. I had no idea there was a new Batman movie coming early next year. It looks like it'll have a pretty dark storyline with a more violent and vengeful Batman. Either way, it sure looks promising! The movie is called THE BATMAN🙄 ...and it will be in theaters on March 4, 2022.
  7. Simon

    New Movie Trailers

    We might soon get to see some new movies, as it seems we are finally putting this pandemic behind us and movie theaters are slowly starting to open up once again. So, let's share new and exciting movie trailers!
  8. Fall is upon us right now, and winter is right around the corner. So I'm looking for a new pair of boots that'll fit the cold and wet weather perfectly. I'm checking out these Seaham boots from Barbour: They sure do look just great, but they are a quite expensive. Hopefully that mean they'll last a couple of years before I need to buy a new pair. I've never had any shoes from Barbour before - just a few shirts, which I've been really satisfied with. Has anyone had a pair? If so, what's your experience with these particular boots - and Barbour overall? What's the quality like? Are they worth nearly $230? Or do you know any other, and better, boots for fall and winter?
  9. Earlier
  10. Remember those cool 3D-looking emojis that Microsoft used in their promotional materials for Windows 11? Well I got some bad news for you, they ain't coming to Windows 11. Instead, we get some basic (but albeit good-looking) 2D emojis.
  11. Simon

    New photo of Mercury

    Yeah! I just find these photos so fascinating. It’s so awesome that we can see photos from planets that are so far away from our own Earth. The vastness of space really does put things in perspective.
  12. Simon

    What music streaming service do you use?

    Spotify is great, but I find their app to be clumsy and hard to navigate. I also have a hard time discovering new music with Spotify.
  13. Simon

    Which search engine do you use?

    Just curious, but why haven't you tried another search engine?
  14. Yes, that would work for me as well. 😁
  15. A 4 day weekend would be the best option IMHO
  16. Sanjo

    New photo of Mercury

    Thats pretty amazing actually 😮
  17. Sanjo

    Which search engine do you use?

    Google. I haven't used anything else.
  18. Eidos-Montréal, which is a game developer that is working on a video game adaption of the Guardians of the Galaxy, has announced that they are switching to a four-day workweek. According to the company, they’ve decided to reduce the workweek from 40-hours down to 32-hours in an effort to create a more “healthy, creative, and sustainable” work environment. And they will be doing this without changing any salaries or other working conditions for their employers. "This initiative is another step towards the embodiment of the studio’s values, building a healthy, creative, and sustainable work environment for our employees," studio head David Anfossi writes in the company's blog. "The idea is not to condense the working hours into four days, but rather to review our ways of doing things and our quality time invested, with the aim of working better!" We’ve had the five-day/8-hour per day workweek for well over a hundred years now. It’s about time we made serious efforts towards reducing our workload. We don’t need to work 8 hours every Monday to Friday anymore. There is absolutely no value in doing that. This is something that is absolutely essential for employees if they want to create a healthy, flexible, and attractive workplace. Let’s hope more companies will follow suit! Would you also like to work 4-days per week while keeping the same benefits as you do today?
  19. Want to get rid of the Microsoft Teams chat app that's now located on your new taskbar on Windows 11? That's easy, just follow these simple steps: Open Settings (or simply right-click the Taskbar and select the Taskbar settings option and go to step 4). Click on Personalization. Click the Taskbar page on the right side. Under the "Taskbar items" section, turn off the Chat button. Now the Microsoft Teams icon has been removed from your taskbar. But the chat app is still active on your Windows 11 PC. To remove the chat app completely you need to follow these steps: Open Settings. Click on Apps. Click the Apps & features page on the right side. Select the Microsoft Teams app. Click the three-dotted button next to the app and select the Uninstall button. And now it's it's finally gone!
  20. Which is your preferred search engine - and why? Personally, I haven't used Google search in a couple of years now because I'm perfectly satisfied using DuckDuckGo. Occasinally I also use Bing (and yes, I refuse to use their new boring name "Microsoft Search") - and that's mostly when Windows forces me to use it haha.
  21. Just as the title says: when you go shopping groceries, do you choose organic products over more conventional ones? And if yes, why do you buy organic food?
  22. Simon

    New photo of Mercury

    Check out this new black-and-white photo of Mercury which was taken a few days ago by the joint European-Japanese BepiColombo space mission. Photo credit: ESA/BepiColombo/MTM (CC) "The region shown is part of Mercury’s northern hemisphere including Sihtu Planitia that has been flooded by lavas. A round area smoother and brighter than its surroundings characterizes the plains around the Calvino crater, which are called the Rudaki Plains.The 166 km-wide Lermontov crater is also seen, which looks bright because it contains features unique to Mercury called ‘hollows’ where volatile elements are escaping to space. It also contains a vent where volcanic explosions have occurred. BepiColombo will study these types of features once in orbit around the planet." Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and the planet which is the closest to our sun. But this is not the first photos of Mercury. Back in 2011, NASA captured hundreds of photos of Mercury.
  23. I upgraded my Huawei MateBook X Pro to Windows 11, and it seems to work just fine. I had no problems downloading the Windows 11 upgrade tool and the update took about 40 minutes. But I do have this weird glitch with the Windows taskbar and the Huawei PC manager software, see the screenshot below. If I close the PC manager software the taskbar goes back to normal again. I'm sure Huawei will fix that in an update soon. All in all, I'm happy with the upgrade. It feels like a new and modern skin for Windows 10 though, and some features are still missing (such as the android apps feature) and Microsoft still haven't updated all parts of the UI. And I just can't seem to get used to the new placement of the Windows start button. Luckily, I can switch the placement to the left side. I think The Verge was pretty spot-on with their review of Windows 11: Have you upgraded to Windows 11 yet?
  24. Simon

    The Artful Escape (6)

  25. Simon


    I hope everyone is having a great weekend. :)

  26. Simon

    The Artful Escape (2)

    Pretty much any scene in this game could be a wallpaper.
  27. Simon

    What games are you currently playing?

    Right now, I'm playing The Artful Escape on my Xbox. It's such a chill and beautiful game with some really good music. It's available for free on Xbox Game Pass, so check it out.
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