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Breathe. Relax. Work.

Science classifies us as living things. On the contrary, life without enjoying is only surviving. Living is really stressful when bills and payments are piled up at your shoulders. But we are neither machines nor robots. Humans should also relax and live healthy (physically and emotionally). Loosen up! There are a lot of things you should explore. Don't be too focused on earning money. Give yourself a treat or reward for accomplishments. It's hard to be rich and lose your sanity at the same time. 



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We are all capable of doing great things, but with these achievements and leaps we are all fragile. Today's fast pace lifestyle has given us a more efficient and more complicated way of living. Nowadays  we are more susceptible to stress than any other decease. Its funny that a simple remedy that everyone can do is so hard to attain. Relaxing.....is isn't that hard.


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Always find time to relax. It would be better in the long run if you take time to relax rather than push yourself into working too hard. If you don't take a break, your outputs will be affected negatively and you will also get tired of your work easily, leading to burnout.

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You made an important point on the best way we can get to have a good life and that's by breathing, relaxing and working. I have met some people that always feel that it is necessary that they work very hard without having to think of the need to relax and calm down their nerves. It's not really a nice way to stress ourselves all the time without making out time to have some rest. Taking rest is necessary in order for us to have a healthy living. 

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Thanks for this advice, honestly, I need this one.  That's why, this 2018 my plan is to quit in my job and take some vacation for about a month, and then find a new job again.  I hate my daily routine right now. I think I'm running in circle.

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A work/life balance should always be taken into consideration to enjoy your life. No matter where you are or what your circumstance are. Health should always be taken seriously and should be consider a priority. Wholistic health encompasses the physical, social, emotional and spiritual health.

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Thanks for reminding me of who I am, I'm so stressful of my job and family. Sometimes I didn't get enough sleep and it makes me weak. I've been working on my task and graveyard shifts. Your right that living is just surviving , from now on, I will enjoy my life to the fullest.

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Whoa! Thanks for remind us this. It is chronologically arranged on how to deal with the things in our life. First thing first, we must all have to breathe, take a fresh air outside to clear our mind and be at peace. Next is to relax, relax our body, mind, and even our soul and let all things stress us be removed from us then lastly, go back to work to achieve those things we are aiming for. Then the cycle repeats. Once we get tired from working, learn to stop for a while, take a deep breathe and relax then work again. 

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